Hope & Glory Inn Among Travel+Leisure’s 30 Great Inns

“If you’re extravagantly romantic, you’ll love this eccentric spot on Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay shore.” “Whimsical folk art pieces such as birdcages, model ships, and mirrors by artist Brad Stephens complete the Alice in Wonderland effect. In seven upstairs rooms and [seven] cottages, bedsteads are fashioned from wooden fences and flea market finds. Each cottage has […]

Grape Expectations

The Dog and Oyster Micro-Vineyard in Irvington, Va., near where the Rappahannock River feeds into the Chesapeake, was established ten years ago to produce bracing white wines that pair expressly with oysters. “Growing grapes on land next to the water where oysters were grown—the terroir of our grapes matches perfectly with the merroir of the […]

Explore the Chesapeake Region’s Charming Oyster Culture

 “In Roman times, a day’s worth of work equaled one oyster,” says Dudley Patteson, owner of Hope and Glory Inn in Irvington, who was instrumental in creating the official Virginia Oyster Trail. “They were so valuable that Roman soldiers had to guard them.” Patteson isn’t one to keep a good thing to himself. He partnered […]

Mayberry Meets Manhattan: Northern Neck

When I pull up to the Hope and Glory Inn in Irvington, what I notice first are the quaint aphorisms that dot the grounds like so many metal tulips: “Remember to Breathe,” advises one. “You Live and Learn” starts another, adding, “At Any Rate, You Live.” The lifestyle tips might seem cloying in another setting, […]

Hope & Glory Inn Chesapeake Heaven

“The fabled Hope & Glory Inn… Delightful owners Dudley and Peggy Patteson have designed a living dream, an inimitable romantic escape. Chef Meseret, fluent in English, Amharic from her native Ethiopia, French, and Italian, sang us the “Coquelicot” song in French, and we all joined in for “Le Pont d’Avignon.” … Mary (breakfast server) said it best. […]

A Taste of the Northern Neck

“The Dog and Oyster Vineyard in Irvington invites guests to take a trip through its giant corkscrews and into the midst of its grapevines, which are responsible for a list of award-winning wines. Pair them with the local oysters at the Sip & Slurp stand. Keep an eye open for friendly dogs wandering the grounds. […]

A Foodie Trip of Historic Proportions

“Also worth a visit: The Dog and Oyster in Irvington, where the wines are crafted to pair with the area’s famous oysters (more on that in a minute), to say nothing of what may actually be the world’s largest corkscrew.”