The Dog and Oyster Micro-Vineyard connects Virginia oyster culture to Chesapeake Bay wine culture, whetting your palette for the tasting fun to come..”

“With its proximity to an estuary, Chesapeake Bay, and its sandy soil, the area is like Bordeaux, and the wines produced here have won their share of awards.”

“As the sun sets and frogs chirp… vineyard owner Dudley Patteson’s eyes sparkle behind tortoiseshell glasses. The former Washington, DC, banker and his wife Peggy also own Irvington’s acclaimed Hope and Glory Inn, a converted 1889 schoolhouse with a spa appropriately named Recess and bar named Detention. Patteson affably pulls up a chair and happily shares the vineyard and region ethos. “Oysters and wine both have a sense of place,” he says. “Here you get both grown together; that’s unique in the world.”