Where to Get the Best Virginia Oysters This Summer

You’ve probably heard the term “Virginia is for lovers,” but we think it should really say “Virginia is for Oysters.” that is especially true when you join us for some of these famed Virginia oysters on the northern neck of Virginia, which just so happens to be home to our exquisite Bed and Breakfast.

Virginia oysters, grown in the famed waters of the Chesapeake Bay, are legendary. Oysters have grown in popularity around the country in recent years, and we’re not surprised. They are sensational, offering tasting notes of bay breezes, salt water, and sunshine. In short, they offer the blissful taste of summer. Of course, they are best when enjoyed overlooking the stunning Chesapeake Bay and even better when served alongside some of the best Virginia wines.

That’s precisely what you’ll get when you join us at The Dog & Oyster Micro-Vineyard & Oyster Bar, located on the grounds of our luxury Virginia Bed and Breakfast. Apart from indulging in some of the best Virginia oysters, a stay at our Bed and Breakfast is the opportunity to embrace living in coastal Virginia. Getaways here are unparalleled. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this coastal paradise this summer. Book your room at our Virginia Bed and Breakfast today!

Friends enjoying the best Virginia Oysters at our Virginia Bed and Breakfast in Irvington, VA

Discover the Best Virginia Oysters

We’d argue that the best food you taste tells a story of where it’s from, which is exactly what you can expect when you slurp Virginia oysters. Oysters are so popular in the state that there’s even an oyster trail. In fact, we think the opportunity to taste this Virginia delicacy is more than reason enough to make plans to visit the northern neck of Virginia.

The northern neck of Virginia, also known as Virginia’s River Realm, is situated on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, like the Rappahannock River. This area produces 90% of all Virginia oysters, all of which come from 31 different commercial operations. To say Irvington, VA, is an oyster-centric town is an understatement! Oysters are a way of life here, and this summer is the perfect opportunity for you to get in on the fun.

On the front lawn of our Virginia Bed and Breakfast, you’ll find The Dog & Oyster Micro-Vineyard & Oyster Bar, the perfect place to relax with a delicious glass of wine and some of the best Virginia oysters you’ll ever taste. Our Chef is brilliant and comes up with a diverse array of oysters and seasonings. Virginia oysters are good all on their own, but under her capable hands, the delicacy of these shellfish is taken to an entirely new level. Served with our Petit Manseng wines, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better oyster-tasting experience.

To expand on the oyster-related fun in Virginia, you might also want to attend one of the many oyster festivals, such as the Urbanna Oyster Festival. This year’s Urbanna Oyster Festival is scheduled to take place on November 4 & 5, 2022. It’s the 65th annual celebration of this event and is the perfect place for avid oyster enthusiasts.

Relax at our luxury Virgina Bed and Breakfast, where you can sample some of the best Virginia Oysters at our Micro-Vineyard & Oyster Bar

The Best Place to Stay in Virginia

While you will find some of the best Virginia Oysters right here in the northern neck of Virginia, that’s not the only reason to spend some time in this beautiful coastal area. The opportunity to stay at our luxury Virginia Bed and Breakfast is unparalleled and offers a special retreat to one of the most spectacular parts of the Chesapeake Bay.

Irvington has been called one of the most romantic places in Virginia many times, and with breathtaking scenery, award-winning wineries and restaurants, and that quaint small-town charm we love, it’s not a surprise. A visit to Irvington, VA, gets even more romantic when you stay at our Bed and Breakfast in Irvington, Virginia.

We offer a range of traditional guest rooms or cottages to choose from, each decorated with a wonderful range of luxurious amenities. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of water cascading into our saltwater pool, or bathe in our one-of-a-kind outdoor garden bath. When it comes time for dinner, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Hope and Glory Inn offers one of the finest restaurants in Irvington, Virginia.

You may come here for the chance to dine on delicious Virginia Oysters, but you’ll stay for the uncompromising elegance and hospitality at our Virginia  Bed and Breakfast. Book your room at our luxury Inn today!