Irvington’s New Fine Dining Venue

The Colonnade is the Hope and Glory Inn’s relocated and rebranded fine dining restaurant. To meet the COVID-19 protocol of providing guests with larger space, the Hope and Glory Inn has relocated its Dining Hall restaurant to this hotel’s majestic and grand 1,300 square foot lobby and renamed it The Colonnade because the room is framed by 10 Doric columns that bring harmony, beauty, and unity to this room which is surrounded by big windows and glass doors.

Add to that a grand staircase that Forbes magazine described as “one that you would expect Julia Roberts to descend in a sundress.” Hope and Glory owner Peggy Patteson smiles as she talks about her favorite dining spots: “this winter it will be near the fireplace; and, when the season opens, it will be near the baby grand piano where talented artists are likely to perform”.

Around its perimeter, this spacious room provides easy access to three additional treats:

  • Detention, this hotel’s full-service bar where one can have a cocktail before dinner
  • Our Dessert / Espresso Bar
  • and a gift shop.

The previous dining space is designated for private parties and those wishing to retire to a different location to be served desserts, after-dinner drinks, and Blanchard’s specialty coffees.

Colonnade dining will be open four days a week – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 to 8 pm. Advanced reservations are required by calling 804-438-6053.
With warmer temperatures, the hotel will reopen its patio dining – Hooky – complete with fire pits and tower heaters.

The Hope and Glory Chef, Meseret Crockett, starts her 12th year at the inn with a 5 out 5 review rating on TripAdvisor – the only local restaurant chef to do so. She is a huge contributor to this boutique hotel’s perennial 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor, Travelocity, Yelp,, and many others. For Valentine’s Day, Meseret has released the following menu:


$220 per couple (inclusive of wine and departing gift) plus tax and service charge

Red Beet Vichyssoise
finished with 1987 Gran Reserva Don Pedro Vemenez – Spain

Saffron potatoes puree & Asparagus a la almandine
2017 ATHENA Cabernet Sauvignon – California

Crème Brule’ Au Chocolat

Gloria Ferrer Champagne and Godiva Chocolate Truffles – “After Dinner Valentine’s Gift”

Advanced reservations are required and can be made by calling 804-438-6053.

This special dinner will be offered each evening of the 3-day holiday weekend – Friday – Saturday – Sunday.


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