“About five miles south of Kilmarnock, you’ll find Irvington, which lies astride Carter Creek off the Rappahannock, and is home to… the Hope & Glory Inn. Yes, this tiny town has not one, but two first-class inns… Hope and Glory’s main building is even older. It began life in 1889 as the Chesapeake Male and Female Academy. In the 1940s it found a new purpose as the King Carter Inn, and in 1997 it was reborn as the Hope and Glory. Now, in addition to the main building, there are several cottages, a spa, and the [Dog & Oyster Micro-Vineyard, located front and center of the Inn].”

“Last and very far from least is the Hope and Glory Inn’s Colonnade Restaurant. We recommend that you treat this like a popular New York City restaurant and make reservations well in advance.”