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How to Get an Authentic Virginia Watermen Experience

If you’ve ever visited the Chesapeake Bay, you’ve likely indulged in our famously fresh and delicious seafood. However, have you ever thought about the work that went into it before the oysters or fish made it to your taste buds? It’s even less likely that you pondered the history of the Chesapeake Bay, its beautiful water, and its fascinating fishing industry. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the world of Virginia watermen!

In addition to learning about all the activities below, we invite you to browse our free Vacation Guide to discover even more incredible experiences! We personalized it with the best things to do and must-see attractions on the Northern Neck of Virginia near the Hope and Glory Inn.

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Your Guide to the Virginia Watermen Experiences


One of the best routes to an authentic Virginia watermen experience is via a good old-fashioned boat tour. If you’re searching for the best company during your stay with us in Irvington, Virginia, we recommend going with the Virginia Watermen’s Heritage Tours. They have a variety of tours available that you can choose depending on your preferences.

You can hop on a boat and enjoy an educational, immersive experience of oystering, crabbing, fishing, and more. Or, you’re welcome to book a wildlife tour to learn about the ecosystem and enjoy the stunning scenery. You’ll have a brand new appreciation for Virginia watermen by the time you return to shore!


Are you looking for even more fun activities related to the fishing and oyster industry of the Chesapeake Bay? Consider exploring the Virginia Oyster Trail, an experiential culinary journey that was the brainchild of the Hope & Glory Inn and Vineyard’s owner, Dudley Patteson. There are so many remarkable tourist attractions and activities for you to discover along the way!


Feel free to enjoy the fruits of the Virginia watermen’s labor, and support their work, by eating local boat-to-table food! There’s an impressive number of exceptional restaurants in Irvington, VA, including our very own top-rated restaurant at the Hope and Glory Inn. 

The Dining Hall offers a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your taste buds thanks to the culinary talent of Chef Meseret Crockett, our locally sourced ingredients, and elegant atmosphere. Some of our seasonal menu items include roasted oysters, jumbo lump crab, and fresh rockfish. Plus, you can head over to The Dog and Oyster Vineyard for Chef Stuart Tyson’s rave-worthy specials at our oyster stand, SLURP!

Stay at the Hope and Glory Inn

If you’d like to get an authentic Northern Neck experience and immerse yourself in the life of Virginia watermen, a stay at the Hope and Glory Inn is essential. Not only do we offer a convenient location for your boat tours, attractions, and activities, but we also provide the perfect accommodations for rest and relaxation. 

When the weather is nice, you can even enjoy a scenic cruise along Carter’s Creek aboard our boat, True Love. It’s a Fortier 26 with room for six passengers to sit comfortably, sip wine, and marvel at the scenery around each cove.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the trip of a lifetime. Book your stay today!

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