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Testimonials - just a few

Amanda & Jeff
"With your help and orchestration, our wedding was even more than we dreamed it could be. The entire event was seamless and perfectly planned; the flowers were elegant and gorgeous and enhanced the already magical surroundings. Thank you for making our entire experience so enjoyable."

"Well, I have been on cloud 9 since the wedding. Not only did I enjoy it immensely -- everything was perfect -- but everyone keeps telling me how fantastic it was, especially the food. They were honestly the best crabcakes I've ever eaten in my entire life. I know you have added to your already enormous fan club. I think everyone is planning a trip back to Irvington, including the groom's mother. Thank you for everything."

Ron & Angel
"Thank you for all your love and support on our wedding day! We re so blessed to have discovered a bit of heaven on earth. See you next year on our first anniversary."

Blair & Cathleen
"Words cannot describe the magical wedding that you all created for us. After all of our bouncing between wedding vendors, we finally found our home and our family at this wonderful place. You really made all of our dreams a reality. And, we weren't the only ones that took notice - I cannot tell you how many guests said that this was the best wedding that they have ever been to! And, many of them are planning to come back! The combination of wonderful staff and beautiful surroundings is unparalleled and took our event to a new level. The food, the flowers, the atmosphere...we will truly remember this day forever."

Andrea & Corey
"We were able to experience the wedding of our dreams in a true romantic and beautiful atmosphere. Thanks to your inn, your vision and your personal warmth! Our day and our time here has exceeded our high expectations. We look forward to visiting as often as possible!"


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