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Hotel in Irvington

Corporate Retreats

The Hope and Glory Inn, a hotel in Irvington, hosts corporate meetings, retreats and other business gatherings in The Meeting House, located in the rear of the gardens. The Meeting House is a fully-renovated small meeting space with vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, flexible table arrangements and an adjacent kitchen.

The Meeting House at our Irvington hotel offers modern, wireless technology and has been the location of retreats for such Fortune 500 companies as The Kellogg Foundation, Leo Burnett, Pfizer Corporation, Procter and Gamble, and Phillip Morris.

We are “the hotel of choice” because we are a hotel in Irvington that offers the best of hospitality to the companies who choose us. They select us because we are not a conventional property offering the same standardized service offered by most others. We provide everything they do; yet we do it with panache and close personal attention.

Our hotel in Irvington features amenities including:
• Internet connections with the world from almost anywhere on our property.
• A renowned Chef who makes the simplest request a delightful dish, and whose direct involvement creates an unforgettable and unmatchable culinary experience.
• A meeting space and cloistered property that creates the every best of “out of the box thinking.” The compactness of accommodations, dining and meeting space creates the bonding and loyalty every company seeks.
• Owners who are committed to being directly involved which is most assuring in this world of passed down responsibility.
• The VIP commitment – the treatment for every guest – to the belief that everyone is special.


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"The sense of humor throughout Hope and Glory will soon have you wondering: whats going on here?"
- Forbes FYI

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